Communia mainly achieves the following activities, with specific attention to the field of youth:

At the heart of the Association arise, including but not limited to, the following actions:

a) training and consulting for the dissemination of culture and skills related to the areas of interest of association: tourism, youth, culture, social inclusion;

b) the design and management of projects, initiatives, research, studies and activities at the local, national and european level, with specific attention to european financial programs (2014-2020) Erasmus, Horizon2020, Creative Europe, FESR, FSE etc;

c) organization and promotion of cultural activities;

d) organization and promotion of initiatives to disseminate, directly and or in collaboration with external parties, such as meetings, seminars, workshops, events, etc., also with the aim of sharing ideas, best practices and experiences;

e) design and production of publications, information and communication in any media;

f) manage the design, production, publication and dissemination of material such as books, magazines, videos, etc., directly and indirectly;

g) planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring of studies and research;

h) organization, promotion and management of exposures and/or workshops, either directly or indirectly;

i) design, organization, promotion and direct management of educational and/or training for the benefit of its members and, in general, for anyone interested in the areas described above;

l) assistance and advice to members;

m) the promotion of initiatives related to social inclusion, equal opportunities, gender equality, the involvement of young people in the democratic, social and policy, sustainable development, local economic development, the social economy and to technological innovation.

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