The Communia Cultural Association, born in Ancona in July 2013, mainly deals with young people, education, training, planning, information, research and social inclusion.

Cultural Association Communia seeks the promotion of human welfare, the full respect for human, civil, social and political rights, the democratization of society and institutions, the dissemination of culture and knowledge, the exploitation of natural resources, cultural and artistic from the perspective of a sustainable and equitable development.

Communia is a non profit making organization and it carries out research, studies, training courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, laboratories, public events and other activities helpful to the achievement of social objectives.

According with Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Association, Communia is not for profit organization, it works to the exclusive pursuit of aims related to information, promotion, research and study, and it promotes actions such as training courses, seminars, conferences, public events, workshops, etc.

The aims and the actions of Communia are oriented to human welfare, full respect of human, civil, social and political rights, democratization of society and democratic institutions, dissemination of culture and knowledge, exploitation of natural resources, cultural and artistic activities in the prospect of a sustainable and equitable development.

In order to facilitate the implementation of its aims and its activities, Communia:

a) cooperate with public authorities and private, local, regional, national, European and international institutions working in any other activity related to the social objectives of the Association;

b) supports and participates, even with the acquisition of shares and shares in companies, firms, trade unions and any other type of organization;

c) puts into practice every action, personal and financial (without any purpose of replacement to third parties), ensuring that the operations are considered necessary, useful or appropriate to the achievement of social objectives.

Communia pursues the following aims:

a) design, implement and promote activities of a popular character, informative, educational, scientific and cultural life;

b) carry out activities and initiatives, and in case there was a need and urgency, provide services, using primarily of members of the Association and in the alternative of volunteers, professionals, university professors and experts in the areas of interest described above;

c) to plan, carry out and promote all initiatives aimed at the development of human, scientific, cultural and professional development of members, of practitioners, experts and or people who wish to explore the above issues and to promote and disseminate innovation;

d) promote partnerships with government agencies, associations and businesses at a European level;

e) facilitate the development of knowledge and culture among its members and promote the core values of the association.

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